Quilt Server-side Mods

A list of server-side mods for the Quilt mod loader; including many Fabric mods (which are compatible with Quilt) and some Quilt-only mods.

View the source and contribute on GitHub here!

See Optifine Alternatives for a few useful client side only mods!

Mods on this list are marked as outdated when they are two major Minecraft versions old - e.g. if 1.16 is the latest version, 1.14 and older mods are considered outdated.

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Boat Fall Modrinth
Carpet Extra CurseForge
Carpet TIS Addition Modrinth CurseForge
Carpet CurseForge GitHub
FabricCrossDimTPFix Modrinth
Fabrication CurseForge
Head Name Fix GitHub
Illegal Stack Fixer CurseForge
Keep Head Names Modrinth
MC-7569 Fix GitHub
TimeOut Out Modrinth
Wither Cage Fix Modrinth CurseForge
WorldBorderFix Modrinth


Armor Stand Editor Modrinth
Head Index Modrinth
Shapes Edit CurseForge
WorldEdit CurseForge


Chat+ CurseForge
Drogtor the Nickinator CurseForge
Essential Commands Modrinth GitHub
Extension Modrinth
FabricTailor Modrinth CurseForge
Girlbossed Modrinth
Hewo CurseForge
ItemFlexer Modrinth CurseForge
Kanaify Modrinth
Pingspam Modrinth
Player Roles Modrinth CurseForge
Regional Chat Modrinth
Server Chat History Modrinth
SimpleChat - Chat mod for Fabric servers Modrinth
Styled Chat Modrinth
Styled Nicknames Modrinth

Join Messages/MOTD

DisableJoinLeaveMessage GitHub
Player Events Modrinth
Spawnbook GitHub

Chat Linking


AutoWhitelist Modrinth
BlockBot Modrinth
Discord Integration Fabric Modrinth CurseForge
Discord-MC-Chat Modrinth
DisFabric CurseForge
Fabric-Discord Link Modrinth CurseForge
Fabric2Discord Modrinth CurseForge
ModFest Utilities GitHub
QChatLink CurseForge
TomsServerUtils Modrinth
DiscordMinecraftFabric Modrinth abandoned



Stream Participation CurseForge links bit donations to mcfunctions

Claims/World Protection

Factions Modrinth
Flan CurseForge
Get Off My Lawn ReServed Modrinth
Hey That's Mine Modrinth
Leukocyte Modrinth GitHub
Sewing Machine Utilities CurseForge


Aliases Modrinth CurseForge
BetterTellraw Modrinth
Command Aliases Modrinth CurseForge
Custom Commands Modrinth
Cyan Modrinth
Damage Function Modrinth
DisguiseLib Modrinth
Dory Modrinth
Editable Player NBT Hack Modrinth
Essential Commands Modrinth GitHub
Extension Modrinth
Fabrication CurseForge
GlobalSpawn Modrinth CurseForge
Head Index Modrinth
Image2Map Modrinth CurseForge
Impersonate Modrinth CurseForge
MobDisguises Modrinth
Mods Command Modrinth
More Commands Mod CurseForge
Player Pronouns Modrinth
Player Roles Modrinth CurseForge
Roll CurseForge
Sewing Machine Utilities CurseForge
slashdiscord Modrinth
Slime Modrinth
Stellar Tune Modrinth GitHub
TabTPS Modrinth
Vanish CurseForge
Wires Modrinth CurseForge previously Server Simplified
Personal Spaces Modrinth abandoned


BlossomBack Modrinth
BlossomHomes Modrinth
BlossomTPA Modrinth
BlossomWarps Modrinth
Homabric Modrinth
Interdimensional Modrinth
Lapis Warps CurseForge
QuickHomes CurseForge
QuickTeleports CurseForge
RandomTP Modrinth
Sewing Machine Utilities CurseForge
The Warp Mod Modrinth CurseForge


Dihydrogen Monoxide Reloaded Modrinth CurseForge


Diamond Economy Modrinth
Grand Economy Modrinth CurseForge
Sewing Machine Utilities CurseForge
Universal Shops Modrinth CurseForge


Factions Modrinth
Gamemodes Modrinth
Level = Border Modrinth
Manhunt Fabricated Modrinth GitHub
Nucleoid GitHub
Server Side Tetris Modrinth
Skylands (Skyblock) Modrinth
Solar Apocalypse: Refabricated Modrinth CurseForge


Conditional Keep Inventory Modrinth
Configured Keep Inventory CurseForge
FilledToTheBrim Modrinth CurseForge GitHub works best with client mod installed
Game Start CurseForge
Inv View Modrinth CurseForge
Inventory Sorting CurseForge
InvSync Modrinth
ItemRename Modrinth CurseForge GitHub
Better Keepinventory Modrinth
Kits Modrinth
Lootstrap CurseForge
RenameIt Modrinth


Blacksmiths Modrinth
Taterzens Modrinth
TraderNPCs Modrinth


Carpet CurseForge GitHub
Fast Furnace for Fabric CurseForge
FerriteCore Modrinth CurseForge
Krypton Modrinth GitHub
LazyDFU Modrinth
Lithium Modrinth CurseForge
Phosphor Modrinth CurseForge incompatible with Starlight
Recipe Cache CurseForge
Starlight Modrinth incompatible with Phosphor
Very Many Players (Fabric) Modrinth experimental
Hydrogen Modrinth experimental, abandoned

Affects behaviour

These mods make significant changes that may impact behaviour in-game, or reduce the work done (e.g. ticking, chunk loading) by the server. Technical servers may not want to use these.

Alternate Current Modrinth
Entity View Distance Modrinth
Ksyxis Modrinth
ServerCore Modrinth
TickTools Modrinth
World Specific View Distance Modrinth
C2ME Modrinth GitHub experimental
DimensionalThreading GitHub experimental
Tic-TACS GitHub experimental, abandoned


Simple Quests CurseForge

Server Management

Action Inventory Mod Modrinth
AutoWhitelist Modrinth
Badlion Client Disabler Modrinth
BanHammer Modrinth
BrandBlock Modrinth
UPNP for dedicated servers CurseForge
DynRes Modrinth CurseForge
Enforce Gamemode Modrinth
Erroring Entity Remover Modrinth CurseForge
Autocomplete Command Blacklist Modrinth
FabricSQLWhitelister Modrinth
Fabric-Votifier GitHub
FabricExporter Modrinth
FlashFreeze Modrinth
Fuck NameMC GitHub
GeyserSkinManager Fabric Modrinth
Holograms Modrinth
I'm Here Get Moving Modrinth
Never Tick Alone CurseForge
Gastrolimital Bypass Modrinth
Progression GitHub
Reload server.properties CurseForge
Semblance Modrinth
ServerStop CurseForge
Servux CurseForge
TellMe CurseForge
Username Remap CurseForge
Version Mod Loader Modrinth
Wires Modrinth CurseForge previously Server Simplified
Fabric Restart CurseForge abandoned

Anticheat/Anti X-ray

AntiXray Modrinth
GolfIV Modrinth


Textile Backup Modrinth CurseForge


Anonymize GitHub
BadStdOut Modrinth
Better Fabric Console CurseForge GitHub
Clean Logs Modrinth fork of Shut Up Console
Cyanide CurseForge
JLine for Dedicated Server CurseForge
mclo.gs CurseForge
Not Enough Crashes Modrinth


Data Loader (commander07 1.18 port) Modrinth
Entity Modifiers Modrinth
Packie CurseForge
Text Builders Modrinth


Boring Default Game Rules Modrinth
Carpet Gamerules CurseForge


Ban Trigger Modrinth
CommandSpy CurseForge
Ledger Modrinth supersedes DeltaLogger
Ore-Readout Modrinth
Sewing Machine Utilities CurseForge


Interdimensional Modrinth


LuckPerms Modrinth
Player Roles Modrinth CurseForge
Wires Modrinth CurseForge previously Server Simplified


Chunk Pregenerator (Fabric) CurseForge
Chunky Pregenerator Modrinth CurseForge


Blame Modrinth
Carpet CurseForge GitHub
MixinTrace Modrinth
Spark Modrinth CurseForge

Protocol tricks - Cross-version/edition compatibility, resource packs for client-required mods

Geyser-Fabric GitHub Website
PolyMc GitHub Website
ViaFabric Modrinth Website

Proxy forwarding (BungeeCord/Waterfall/Velocity)

CrossStitch Modrinth CurseForge
Fabric Forwarding Modrinth CurseForge
FabricProxy-Lite Modrinth supersedes FabricProxy

Resource packs

Polypack Host Modrinth
RefreshResource Modrinth
SwitchableResourcepacks Modrinth

Server List modifications

MiniMOTD Modrinth CurseForge
Server Ping Modrinth CurseForge
Sewing Machine Utilities CurseForge


Plan CurseForge
RPGStats Modrinth CurseForge
ServerStats Modrinth
UnifiedMetrics Modrinth

Tab List modifications

Styled Player List Modrinth
Fabric Tab List Modrinth
TabTPS Modrinth



Cauldron Fix Modrinth
Easier Powdered Snow Modrinth
Dispenser Cauldron Modrinth


AntiLogout Modrinth CurseForge
AttackSpeedPlus CurseForge
Axes Are Weapons Modrinth
CombatEdit CurseForge
FabricPvP Modrinth
Freezma CurseForge
Headshot CurseForge
Infinity Fix Modrinth
LifeSteal Modrinth
Perfect Accuracy Modrinth
PvP toggle GitHub
Set Bonuses Modrinth
Snowball and Egg Knockback Modrinth CurseForge
Snowballs Hit Players Modrinth


Anvil Crushing Recipes Modrinth CurseForge
Craftable Enchanted Golden Apple Modrinth
DeepslateCutting Fabric Modrinth
Gimme bundles! Modrinth CurseForge
NBT Crafting Modrinth CurseForge
Recipe Reshaper Modrinth


Better Dispensers CurseForge
Dispenser Cauldron Modrinth
Mechanical Dispensers CurseForge


Better Impaling CurseForge
Better Than Mending Modrinth
EnchantmentDisabler CurseForge
Expanded Armor Enchanting Modrinth
Expanded Axe Enchanting Modrinth
Expanded Trident Enchanting Modrinth
Expanded Weapon Enchanting Modrinth
Feather Fall Flying Modrinth
Grind Enchantments Modrinth
High Level Enchants Modrinth
Overpowered Mending Modrinth CurseForge
Sharpness VI Modrinth
Unbreakable Enchantment Modrinth


Realistic Fishing Modrinth


Survival Flight CurseForge

Game Mechanics Tweaks

Anvil Crush Modrinth
Anvil Fix Modrinth CurseForge works best with client mod installed
Backport Gamerules Modrinth GitHub
Bedrock Destroyer CurseForge
Better Beacon / Conduit CurseForge
Better Nether Map Modrinth
Better Moss IMO Modrinth
Blastproof Netherite CurseForge
Carpet Extra CurseForge
Carpet TIS Addition Modrinth CurseForge
Carpet CurseForge GitHub
Colorful Anvils Modrinth
Context-Specific Immunity CurseForge
Cooperative Advancements CurseForge
Copper Hopper CurseForge
Cropped Modrinth CurseForge GitHub
DeepslateGenerator Modrinth
Delayed Respawn GitHub
Difficulty Tweaker Modrinth
Discerning Furnace Modrinth CurseForge
Dispenser Configurator Modrinth CurseForge
Drop Spread Modrinth
Experience Beacons for Carpet CurseForge
Fabrication CurseForge
Fence Player Upper Modrinth CurseForge
FilledToTheBrim Modrinth CurseForge GitHub works best with client mod installed
Fire's Survival Tweaks Modrinth CurseForge
Fluid Physics CurseForge
GolemF GitHub
Grindstone Is Made Of Stone Modrinth
Hardened Crops Modrinth
Horizonal Portals Modrinth
IceBoatF GitHub
Instant Fertilization CurseForge
Interdimensional Map Markers CurseForge
Lapis Reserve CurseForge
Lengthy Ladders CurseForge
Lightning Podoboo Modrinth
Lightning Prevention CurseForge
Limited Spawner CurseForge
Mini Tweaks GitHub
No Sneaking Over Magma! Modrinth CurseForge
No Teleport Cooldown Modrinth
No Cap Modrinth
Offline Daytime Modrinth
ParadoxSlabs Modrinth
persistent entities Modrinth
Piston push limit CurseForge
Powershot Modrinth
Push To Craft CurseForge
QuickCarpet Modrinth CurseForge
Realistic Fire Spread CurseForge
Replant Swamp Trees Modrinth
Scaffold Forever CurseForge
Sewing Machine Utilities CurseForge
Silky hands Modrinth
SlipperyWalls CurseForge
Spice of Fabric Modrinth
Sticky Elytra Modrinth
TickTock CurseForge
TrampleDisabler CurseForge
Unlimited Dragon Eggs Modrinth CurseForge


AntiLogout Modrinth CurseForge
Conditional Keep Inventory Modrinth
Configured Keep Inventory CurseForge
Don't Do Death Despawn Modrinth
Lenient Death Modrinth
Sewing Machine Utilities CurseForge
Universal Graves Modrinth CurseForge
Working Graves GitHub


Audaki Cart Engine CurseForge
Block Under Fast Minecart CurseForge
Cart Boosts CurseForge
Speed Carts CurseForge
Subspace train Modrinth
TaterCart Modrinth


Advanced Golems CurseForge
Always Drop Loot Modrinth CurseForge
Apathy Modrinth
Beacons For All CurseForge
BetterLeads Modrinth
Camp Fires Cook Mobs Modrinth CurseForge
Chicken Nerf Modrinth CurseForge
Creeper AI Updated Modrinth
Custom Piglin Bartering Modrinth CurseForge
Custom Spawns CurseForge
Damage Incorporated Modrinth
Daylight Mobs Reborn Modrinth CurseForge
Endermen are Friends CurseForge
Environmental Creepers CurseForge
Epic Horse Breed Modrinth
FabricNoMobGrief Modrinth
Per Player Spawns CurseForge
Farsighted Mobs CurseForge
Fatal Blow Modrinth
Fishy Bears Modrinth
Hauling Hogs CurseForge
FabricHealthDisplay Modrinth
Horse Stonks Modrinth
Horse Buff Modrinth
Improved Mobs CurseForge
Independent Pets Modrinth
Mob Blindness Modrinth
Mob Rebirth Modrinth CurseForge
Mob Spawning Light Level Modrinth
Mob Filter Modrinth CurseForge
mobgrief Modrinth
Mob proof crystals Modrinth
Mobs Attempt Parkour Modrinth CurseForge
More Mob Drops Modrinth
No Angy Fwom Looky Wooky UwU Modrinth
Name Bros Modrinth CurseForge GitHub
Neutral Animals Modrinth
No More Bleeding Sheep Modrinth
No Creeper Holes! CurseForge
No Mob Farms Modrinth CurseForge
Peaceful Skeletons CurseForge
Pigless Portals Modrinth CurseForge
playerless Modrinth CurseForge
Project: Save the Pets! Modrinth CurseForge
Proper Mobcap Modifier CurseForge
Random Wool Sheep Drop Modrinth
Steed Stopper CurseForge
The Loved Ones CurseForge
Wrangler Modrinth

New Game Mechanics

Biome Technologies Modrinth CurseForge
Patbox's Brewery Modrinth CurseForge
Carpet Extra CurseForge
Carpet TIS Addition Modrinth CurseForge
Carpet CurseForge GitHub
ComputerCraft: Restiched with Polymer Modrinth
Chain Suspension CurseForge
Compostable Rotten Flesh CurseForge
Dance of Growth CurseForge
Carpet EssentialsAddons GitHub
Extension Modrinth
Fabrication CurseForge
FastGrowth Modrinth CurseForge
Fire's Survival Tweaks Modrinth CurseForge
Gentle Picking Modrinth CurseForge
Ghastly Wail Modrinth CurseForge
Harmful Stonecutters CurseForge
Home Camp Modrinth CurseForge
Illager Expansion (Polymer Port) Modrinth
Infinity Water Bucket Modrinth CurseForge
JankAddons Modrinth
Mechanical Factory Modrinth
Name Bros Modrinth CurseForge GitHub
No More Magic Milk Modrinth
Pisces CurseForge
PlayerPig CurseForge
Waystones (Polymer Port) Modrinth
Punch2Prime Modrinth CurseForge
QuickCarpet Modrinth CurseForge
Server Backpacks Modrinth
ServShred Modrinth
Sewing Machine Utilities CurseForge
FabricSit Modrinth
SlimyFloor CurseForge
Snow Under Trees Modrinth CurseForge
Snowy Trees Modrinth
Snowy CurseForge
StitchedSnow Modrinth CurseForge
Strains of Ascension GitHub
Trinkets (Polymer Port) Modrinth
Unforgiving Void Modrinth CurseForge
Vanessence Modrinth
Victorian Gewgaws Modrinth
Olifantenpad CurseForge abandoned


Economical Villager Trading Modrinth CurseForge
InfiniteVillagerTrading Modrinth CurseForge
Roundaround's Villager Converting Modrinth
SimpleVillagers Modrinth CurseForge
Villager See, Villager Do Modrinth CurseForge
VillagerConfig Modrinth CurseForge
Villagers Follow Emeralds Modrinth
VillagerTradeFix CurseForge
Wandering Collector Modrinth
Zombify Modrinth

Utility / Quality of Life

Baila GitHub
Better Signs & Frames Modrinth CurseForge
ChestRefill Modrinth CurseForge
Clumps CurseForge
Couplings CurseForge works best with client mod installed
Creative One-Punch Modrinth
Cropped Modrinth CurseForge GitHub
Crowmap Modrinth
Easy Painter Modrinth
EditSign Modrinth
Egg Of Capitalism Modrinth
HealthCare Modrinth
Lakotnik - Hunger Preview Modrinth CurseForge
Monsters in the Closet Modrinth CurseForge
Polydex Modrinth
Simple Right Click Harvest Modrinth
Suitably Stackable Stew CurseForge


Froggy Flies Modrinth
Hat command Modrinth CurseForge GitHub
Immersive Cursedness Modrinth
MAmbience CurseForge requires resource pack
Server Hats Modrinth
simplehat GitHub
Villager Names Modrinth CurseForge

Sleep (Voting/Acceleration/etc)

Bed Benefits Modrinth
Better Safe Bed CurseForge
BetterSleeping Revived Modrinth
Day Dream Modrinth CurseForge
Freedom of Insomnia Modrinth
Keep The Rain Modrinth
Lucid-lite Modrinth
Sewing Machine Utilities CurseForge
SleepWarp CurseForge

Tree/Leaf removal/decay

Fabric Tree Chopper CurseForge
Falling Tree Modrinth CurseForge
FastDecay Modrinth
Leaf Decay CurseForge
TreeFeller Modrinth
Tree Felling Modrinth
Trees Do Not Float Modrinth CurseForge

Web Maps

BlueMap Modrinth CurseForge
Dynmap CurseForge
squaremap Modrinth


Better Moss IMO Modrinth
Castle Dungeons CurseForge
Cave Biomes CurseForge
Cavenabler CurseForge
Classic Beaches CurseForge
Survival Island CurseForge
Lakeside Modrinth CurseForge
Mo' Structures Modrinth CurseForge
Modern Beta CurseForge
ProtoSky Modrinth
Repurposed Structures Modrinth CurseForge
Simply Improved Terrain CurseForge
Sky Villages Modrinth
Smoother Bedrock CurseForge
SpaghettiTrees Modrinth
Stoneholm Modrinth
Stonevaults, Dungeons & Towers CurseForge
Structure World Modrinth CurseForge
Tatters Skyblock CurseForge
Terra Modrinth
Terralith ~ Overworld Evolved CurseForge
Vanilla+ Biomes CurseForge incorrect biome colors when not on client
When Dungeons Arise Modrinth CurseForge
Wool Temples CurseForge
Yeet The Tall Grass! CurseForge
YUNG's Better Caves CurseForge
YUNG's Better Mineshafts CurseForge
YUNG's Better Strongholds CurseForge
Smooth Bedrock by Blayyke Modrinth CurseForge abandoned